Rooftop Fall Protection

Leading Edge Solutions For Roofs

As the leading designer and installer of rooftop fall protection systems in North America, Flexible Lifeline Systems has designed hundreds of miles of rooftop fall protection systems for a variety of industries.

According to OSHA, there is no safe distance from an unprotected leading edge such as a roof.    Solutions are available for both low and high sloped roofs.  From passive fall prevention solutions to active fall arrest systems,  Flexible Lifeline Rooftop Fall Protection Systems are designed to be user-friendly and non-intrusive while providing continuous, uncompromising safety while working at height.

Depending on the application, from economical permanent Flexible Lifeline Systems, FlexRidge Rigid Rail Systems to the non-penetrating FlexGuard Freestanding Guardrail Systems and skylight screens, FLS offers a wide variety of rooftop fall protection solutions. Portable temporary solutions are also available in multiple configurations to meet every requirement.


Rooftop Fall Protection Solutions

Energy Absorbing Post

Energy Absorbing Post
Energy Absorbing Post technology allows the load generated during a fall to be absorbed throughout the entire system. Energy Absorbing Posts can be deployed across virtually all major roof types including relatively delicate roof structures.


Freestanding Energy Absorbing Post
The Freestanding Energy Absorbing Post provides worker safety at heights where there is an occasional or temporary requirement to access flat roofs or structures where it is impractical to install traditional anchor posts.


Flexguard is a freestanding guardrail system that does not penetrate the roof.Its modular design takes the complexity and high cost out of penetrating permanent guardrail systems.


FlexTraxx provides an aluminum rigid track and trolley rail used traditionally for sloped trapezoidal and standing seam metal roofs.


FlexWalk is a fall protection solution consisting of walkway and handrail systems which Not only provide access and fall protection, but protect the roof surface from foot traffic.


Skylight Screens
FLS Skylight Screens provide cost-effective, easy-to-install, protection from falls through skylights. FLS Skylight screens also ensure OSHA compliance.


Tieback Anchors
FLS Tieback Anchors are a safe and practical permanent anchorage solution. Tieback Anchors are used for a wide range of suspended access and facade maintenance applications.


FLS offers a full suite of inspections of all of your rooftop fall protection and building maintenance systems including Davits, Tiebacks, Monorails, Self Powered Platforms, Roof Powered Platforms and more.


New Construction
Flexible Lifeline Systems offers a complete line of services for the design, engineering and production of your facade maintenance equipment.


Powered Platforms
Flexible Lifeline System’s powered suspended work platforms are designed and engineered for dedicated use by building maintenance personnel.


Window Washing
Flexible Lifeline Systems ensures your building is compliant by designing, installing, certifying and re-certifying all your rooftop safety fall restraint systems.


Sockets & Davits
FLS Sockets and Davits provide the option of roof-rigged or ground-rigged (code permitting) powered platforms with safe access and egress on the roof.


Modular Crossover Platform
FLS’s Crossover Platforms are vital for protecting equipment, conveyors and pipes from being damaged by foot traffic and allowing safe access to workers in high traffic areas.


Building Maintenance Unit
With a roof car and telescopic system from FLS every part of your facade is within reach. We can deliver a system with a fixed base or a motorized undercarriage that can be moved over the roof on rails.

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