Truck Tarping Systems

Sustaining a fall while tarping flatbed trailers can be life threatening. FLS is the world leader in manual and automatic safety solutions for flatbed truck access.

Powered Tarping System

The FLS Powered Tarping System automatically tarps flatbed trailers. The operator simply connects the tarp to the spreader bar and guides it down the length of the trailer via the powered winch. The need to climb onto the trailer bed is eliminated.


Powered Tarping System Features:

  • Available in a variety of construction materials.
  • Designed as either a freestanding unit or attached to your existing structure.
  • Optional platform and stairs available to provide safe access to sides of trailers.
  • Industrial strength electric winch that picks up the tarp and pulls it the full length of the trailer.
  • Power cable that is kept taut via a tension reel.
  • Track designed to be longer than your trailer, making tarping an out-of-position flatbed possible.
  • Spreader bar that attaches to the tarp via two clips, making set-up fast and easy.
  • Hand-held remote that operates the winch with a simple touch of a button.


FLS provides simple to use, cost effective solutions to keep your operators safe while making your truck tarping process more efficient.

When you purchase a Tarping System from FLS you get:

  • A complete turnkey solutions provider.
  • The assistance and guidance of our design force to help you come up with the perfect loading site for your application.
  • Flatbed trailer platforms that allow drivers to get on and off of vehicles quickly and easily for sampling or securing loads.
  • A flatbed tarping system that not only provides a safe way to access the trailer bed, but also provides for quick and easy tarping of the load.
  • On-site safety inspections and project walk-throughs
    to help you design the solution for your budget and situation.


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