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Portable And Permanent Fall Protection For Railcar & Truck Loading

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As the leading provider of turnkey fall protection solutions in North America, FLS has designed systems for a variety of industries including the grain, plastics, bulk liquids, chemical, manufacturing and transportation industries.

FLS offers every variety of fall arrest system for the bulk loading industry, from economical cable-based fall protection systems to FlexRail to mobile access platforms. We take into account your unique requirements and assist you in making the optimum choice for your particular application. As a turnkey provider of railcar safety, we design and install all options of fall protection without bias. When you partner with FLS, the ultimate result is a system your workers will use without hesitation because it keeps them safe without interfering with their jobs. And a safe, confident worker is a more efficient worker. That’s why our clients say: FLS Works!™

truck loading access platform

Railcar & Truck Fall Protection Solutions

overhead horizontal lifelines

Overhead Horizontal Lifelines
Our overhead flexible lifeline systems provide customizable cable-based pass-through fall protection.


Replaces the difficult to use beam and trolley system and is not subject to the same limitations of inclement weather or debris buildup.

twin flexrail

Twin FlexRail
The patented Twin FlexRail system features two enclosed tracks and is capable of spans of 100′ between supports.

permanent access

Permanent Access Platforms
We offer a full line of access platforms, gangway and guardrail enclosures.

freestanding and portable fall protection

Freestanding Portable Fall Protection
Freestanding and portable solutions include mobile access stair systems, freestanding anchor points, and more.

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