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As the leading designer and installer of aviation fall protection systems in North America, Flexible Lifeline Systems has designed systems for commercial, corporate and military aviation.

Regardless of the task on top of the aircraft, from a simple preflight check to a full phase check, whether the aircraft is in the hangar or on the flight line, FLS aircraft fall protection systems are designed to be user-friendly and non-intrusive while providing continuous, complete and uncompromising safety while working at height on the aircraft.

FLS offers a wide variety of aircraft protection solutions from permanent overhead rigid rails to portable work standsPermanent and mobile access platforms and mobile access stairways are also available in multiple configurations.

aircraft maintenance stand

Applications For Aircraft Fall Protection

maintenance platforms

FlexDecks – Maintenance Platforms
We offer a wide range of maintenance stands for any aircraft including custom designs.


FlexRail – Rigid Rail
A durable rigid fall protection system featuring an enclosed track with optional bypass capability.


A rigid fall protection system with the functionality of our FlexRail rigid rail enclosed track in a bridge format.

flexible horizontal lifelines

Overhead Horizontal Lifelines
Our overhead flexible lifeline systems provide customizable cable-based pass-through fall protection.

portable aircraft fall protection

Freestanding Portable Fall Protection
Freestanding and portable solutions for aircraft include mobile access platforms, trolley systems, stair systems and more.

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