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Embedded Tieback Anchors

FLS Embedded Tieback Anchors are a safe, practical and permanent anchorage solution. Cost effective and proven, Embed Tieback Anchors are used for fall protection and a wide range of suspended access applications, including window cleaning and exterior building maintenance. The Tieback anchor provides an ideal safety solution for rope descent systems where specific use and height restrictions apply and workers are operating suspended power platforms and temporary rigging equipment, or anywhere leading edge hazards exist.


The FLS Tieback Anchor System provides an ideal safety solution when any of the following are needed:
Lifeline anchorage for workers operating on powered suspended platforms
Fall protection anchorage where leading edge hazards exist
Safety tieback anchorage for temporary rigging equipment
Rope descent system anchorage where specific use and height restrictions apply

Using the FLS Safety Tieback Anchor for rooftop and building maintenance provides multiple advantages including the following advantages:
Proven Design — over 2,000 installations worldwide
Cost Effective — without sacrificing safety. FLS safety tiebacks are an economical choice compared to many alternative solutions
Simple to Use — design of tie back anchors result in increased productivity

Suitable for all flat roofs as fall arrest anchors for securing workers’ lifelines, suspension of boatswain chair or the tying back of temporary suspended access equipment such as outrigger beams.

Re Certification

FLS recommends anchors be re-certified every five (5) years or when re-roofing or renovating pertinent to the window cleaning system. The report and certification shall be included in the logbook. The re-certification shall be under the direct supervision of a registered professional engineer.
OSHA Compliant

Flexible Lifeline Systems Tieback anchors conform to all U.S. standards, state labor and safety codes and materials standards relating to anchor fabrication, window cleaning and other suspended maintenance operations. Tieback anchor conformance includes ASME, ASME A 120.1, IWCA I 14.1, OSHA 1910.66, CALOSHA, AISC, AWS, and other references.

Regulatory authorities require anchors to be inspected annually by a qualified person with the inspection date, name of the inspector, his signature and company plus any comments recorded in the Building Façade Maintenance Equipment log book.


Maximizing the fall protection provided by the Tieback Anchors requires the proper harnesses, lanyards, and training. One manager with total accountability guides your project every step of the way. Piecemeal competitors can’t compare with FLS’ turnkey costs and services.
Embedded Tieback Anchor Features and Specifications
Embedded Tieback Anchor Part Numbers: Select Part Number to Purchase
Galvanized Steel Post
with Galvanized Eye
Part # Ht. Base* Bolt (Kit)
10TBEU1014 14" 10" 12” (4)
10TBEU1218 18" 12" 12” (4)
10TBEU1524 24" 15" 12” (4)
Galvanized Steel Post
with Stainless Steel Eye
Part # Ht. Base* Bolt (Kit)
10TBES1014 14" 10" 12” (4)
10TBES1218 18" 12" 12” (4)
10TBES1524 24" 15" 12” (4)
Stainless Steel Post
with Stainless Steel Eye
Part # Ht. Base* Bolt (Kit)
10TBESS1014 14" 10" 12” (4)
10TBESS1218 18" 12" 12” (4)
10TBESS1524 24" 15" 12” (4)
All Mounting hardware is included
Kits consist of 4 bolts (5/8” x the designated bolt length), 16 nuts (5/8”) and 8 flat washers (5/8”)
*All bases are square (ie 10”x10”, 12”x12”, or 15”x15”) .
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Rooftop Brochure
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Tieback Anchors
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